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I am sexually frustrated because of demetria devonne lovato.

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demi at pride.
Demi, Marissa, Keith and time. 

Demi Lovato on Coffee Break x

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so a lot of lovatics are being hypocritical little bitches and it pisses me off. you go around preaching self love and no bullying but then talk shit about others….including demi. i’ve seen so many tweets and post about how demi’s mv for RDC was messy. it represented the lgbt community you asswipes. sorry it didn’t surround demi boohooing about a ex boyfriend.

when people talk about how demi’s HWGA album and phase was so much better than her stuff now…it ticks me off too. she was a kid then. she’s an adult now. get over it. she likes the music she makes now. if you want to listen to music that is rock and shit..go somewhere else. demi is very happy where her career and music is now. judging demi with her decisions isn’t going to do anything but hurt demi.

you don’t have to agree with demi’s every choice…but as a fan, don’t turn around and talk about how messy demi is being and how messy her music is.